Founded in 1984 Radiosistemi srl is a dynamic company operating in R/C model domain.Futaba , world leader manufacturer of Radio control equipment and rotary actuator ( servo)  is the most important exclusive distribution on hand to Radiosistemi.
The Futaba actuator, initially intended just for R/C modelling, have found during the years more and more application, in industrial domain, for a number of application.
Remote re-arming of circuit breaker, flow control on air distribution system, remote control of traffic surveillance camera are just few example of multiple application achieved.
Futaba actuator have often simply solved application problem which ìwould have required specific designed equipment.
The growing number of application and growing demand from industry have convinced Futaba to design some actuator specifically intended for industrial purpose, capable of long life running and high precision even on heavy duty conditions.
 Radiosistemi, with his sepcialized staff  is ready to help you in any of your application.


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